Everywhere I Turn


Here’s the Fair display.

I have no idea what model this is. Anyone got any idea?

Check out the rubber key covers. I’ve only seen those on a Royal Portable Standard “O” model on a YouTube video. I’ve never seen those on a desk machine. I personally don’t like the look of them. I think the glass keys are far more attractive. I suppose some collector may find the rarity of some value, though this machine isn’t in very good shape. I suppose someone who really wants those key covers could remove them and place them on another machine. 

The ceramic typewriter bric-a-brac (anyone got any idea what it’s used for? I personally suspect it’s a desk item for stationary items).



Underwood De Luxe Quiet Tab

I didn’t have time to take pictures, so I just borrowed these pics from Machines Of Loving Grace. I would encourage everyone to visit the site for a detailed overview of these machines (and while you’re there, take time to visit the entire site). Richard Polt also features his black & white DLQT (which he dubbed “the squad car”) HERE.

Antique Shops

For being a filthy mess, this machines had remarkably good key action on it.

What a hunk of junk. If you looked inside, through the back, the dust-bunnies were (like real bunnies are wont to doing) reproducing beyond control. The carriage return string was broken as well. However, this was the first time I’ve ever seen an Underwood 5 in person, and it seemed smaller than I’d imagined. It also made me interested in acquiring one (in far better condition than this), though I absolutely have no room for another standard machine.

Another rusty-keyed beast. I really like the Royal 10, but this example wasn’t cared for by anyone.

This Olympia De Luxe was the only machine that appeared to be in great condition. I’m not familiar with Olympia models (beyond the SM3 & 4), so I’m not sure what this is. Anyone care to chime in?

More Noir

In the film, the Blue Dahlia is a nightclub. It’s neon sign serves as the film’s opening title.

That’s the VHS box cover on the left, which you can buy online (assuming you still have a VHS player with which to view it). On the right is a foreign format dvd, so it won’t work with American dvd players.

I really liked this film, despite the fact that the mystery of the killer’s identity is revealed rather unbelievably. I won’t give anything more away. Watch it if you get an opportunity.

Typed on a 1936 Underwood Noiseless 77 (which miraculously didn’t skip once while typing this post).


My sincere apologies to Richard Polt for borrowing his photos of his typewriters from his blog, and then using them to concoct this absurd scenario. But, well, I couldn’t resist. His Turbo Torpedo got me thinking about his “Squad Car“, and I couldn’t help but ask, why not? What if…? So, again, I beg his forgiveness for doing this to his beloved machines.

And remember: Don’t exceed 75wpm when Smokey is around…