Guns Don’t Kill. Typewriters Kill.

James Caan, about to sap his captor.

I’d make some type of joke about a splitting headache, but it wouldn’t be very funny, so I’ll refrain.

The damsel in distress finds a case in a dump and opens it to reveal a typewriter.

The grateful damsel presents Law with the typewriter as a gift.

Typing the story of his experience as a repo man.

The film begins with Jude Law at the typewriter, so we can assume the narration throughout the film corresponds to what he’s typing.

When Law and his new girlfriend see another repo man coming to get them, they run. What’s interesting is that the first thing the girl grabs before they leave is not a purse, or a weapon, or her favorite Duran Duran album; instead, she saves the typewriter, taking it with her. This proves to be a prescient decision, because it’s the only item within reach for Law to drop on the repo man’s head as he is about to shoot her with a taser.

Because I can… Since I began this post with a picture of James Caan about to clobber Cathy Bates with a Royal 10, I figure I should include some film-stills from the film, “Misery”,  featuring the typewriter.

My first encounter with a Royal 10. Now I own one, though I have no plans to drop it on anyone’s head.

Ouch! You never want to get sapped with a typewriter.

Remember that scene in the film where Bates calls the Hollywood cliffhanger a ‘cheater’, because there’s no way the hero could have escaped his predicament? Well, this film does some cheating as well, because there’s no way Bates could have gotten up after the clobberin’ she received from that typewriter. No way. CHEATERS!

This post was typed on my Corona Four.