I couldn’t yell, “Stop the presses!”, because this press wasn’t running when I snapped this photo.




The lobby of the news building had that art deco style found amongst much old Los Angeles architecture.



Lettera Typewriter @ L.A. Times

The Lettera in this glass case was the only typewriter in the whole building (well, it was the only one I saw, and it was the only one our guide took note to point out to us).


I’m really enamored by art deco design, and this old mailbox in the elevator lobby was very cool. I wish I had this on my porch.

L.A. Times old equipment

Being into all things vintage, as well as photography, I really enjoyed the display cases with all the retro gear used by early reporters.

L.A. Times photography equipment

Another display with vintage photography equipment and the stories which were covered with such gear.

Betty Page L.A. Times Obituary

There was one particular room were the printing plates are developed, and on the wall they had copies of papers with some old, noteworthy events. Above this clock was an obituary for Betty Page (for all you Betty fans). Betty Page lived out here in Santa Monica. Dave Stevens revived awareness of Betty for a whole new generation by including her in his comic creation, The Rocketeer.