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L.A. County Fair writing competition

Interestingly enough, I hadn’t even seen this story prior to my daughter submitting it for the writing competition. I’m obviously proud of my little writer.


L.A. County Fair

My four little tykes.

Mickey Mouse typewriter

There was a really cool animation exhibit at the fair, and needless to say that Disney was obviously well-represented. Here’s a cool little Mickey Mouse typewriter toy.

Animation Studio typewriter

Warner Bros was also well-represented at the animation exhibit. Here’s a little Royal typewriter that featured in animation history.

My Monochromatic Day


Yours truly, checking out the lens’ focus action in the mirror.

01b_monochromatic blog01


Balboa Wharf

This is a sign at the auto ferry to Balboa Island. I dig these fun, old signs. Nowadays, signs are so sterile and lack style.

Tik iBoat

For fans of tiki, here’s a swingin’ tub along Balboa boardwalk.


I shot this boiler as it disembarked the Auto Ferry.

monochromatic blog


Balboa Ferris Wheel

This ferris wheel at Balboa also happens to be where I proposed to my lovely bride. There was no one else riding at the time, so I paid the operator to stop us at the top.

Balboa Pier

The waves at the beach were pretty high this weekend. You can get an idea how big they were by comparison to the Balboa Pier. I stood on the pier to take a few shots, and it shook every time a wave hit.

Balboa Pier

I only took this boring shot to show the narrow depth of field on this lens when the aperture is opened all the way to f1.7. The camera was sitting on the railing of the pier.

57 Freeway

I always hate the freeway drive home from the beach in the summertime. This is a shot on the 57 Freeway heading north, which we hopped on in hopes that things would be moving along briskly. Boy, were we wrong.

08b_monochromatic blog03


57 Freeway

By the time we reached this point of the freeway, we decided to get off and take streets home. This shot is terribly out of focus.


The long drive home afforded the kids time to read in the back seats.

Ontario, CA

A shot outside my window while speeding past farms and dairies.

12b_monochromatic blog04



My lovely bride sitting behind the wheel as we crawl along on the freeway. You can see this lens has nice, round aperture blades.

My Little Writer

I haven’t any time to typecast today. However, my ten-year-old daughter, who I’ve mentioned before, loves to read and write. Recently, she sat in my studio and wrote some poems on her typewriter (she leaves her typewriter in my studio so she can hang out with her pop and be creative). So here’s a page of little poems she hammered out rather quickly and presented to me (sans any editing; well, she didn’t know I was going to post this).

This is what my daughter does about 75% of the day.

I shot this picture of her while taking a family stroll out at a lake.

A Thousand Words

I haven’t time to typecast today, so I thought I’d just share some photography of mine. Here’s a particular shot which turned out to my liking. I don’t know why I like it, but I do. I think I just like the look of the lonely, little, tree-topped hill surrounded by those mountains.