Welcome to this blog about, well, my fascination with all things retro, from manual typewriters to noir film to art deco and streamline design. By trade I am a professional illustrator, designer, product developer. I have my professional web page and blog, but I thought I’d create another blog to post miscellaneous items of interest which I might not otherwise post elsewhere.I suspect I’ll be doing a lot of apologizing for neglecting this blog, but that seems to be par for the course where these things exist as a hobby. Feel free to comment… or not.

10 thoughts on “About…

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for making such a great blog and keep up the great work! I’ve read all the entries and can’t wait for more.

  2. Buster B – we’re having a private preview screening of the documentary “The Typewriter (In The 21st Century) Monday, August 6 at AFI campus here in Los Angeles. Contact me re: details. Doors 8p. Film @8:30p. Short Q&A afterwards.

    It is essentially a press/donor/crew screening, but an LA-based Typospherian certainly qualifies as press.

    Christopher Lockett
    The Typewriter (In The 21st Century)

  3. Oh wow, OMG, I am a former molecular biologist, then biotech patent attorney, now writer. I realized the beautify of manual typewriters after a Book Arts workshop, and voila discovered your blog!

    I am currently deciding on the “perfect” (yes I know none such exists), first vintage typewriter.

    Thank you for doing a great deal of the legwork!

    • Check out the typosphere links. My little blog doesn’t even scratch the surface compared to what’s out there. Still, thank you for visiting and leaving the kind comment.

  4. Hello! Have you still got your black and white Underwood Deluxe Quiet Tab, and if so, would you be possibly be interested in selling it or possibly trading for one? I have a few as I enjoy restoring old manual typewriters back to their original beauty and functionality! 🙂 I also am (first and foremost) a writer who is inspired to write on typewriters, and am quite inspired by that one in particular… I’d love to explore writing with it…if selling (or trading for) it is of possible interest, please email me and let me know. I do appreciate it! Thank you!

    PS Well done on your blog!

    • HI Adam,
      Yes, I still have the Underwood. It took me a while to find one in such perfect condition (I was smitten with the model when I first saw it as well). While I didn’t plan on selling it, I’ve now acquired a small collection of typewriters, so it wouldn’t kill me to sell it if I knew it was going to someone who truly appreciates these machines and will care for it. I cringe when I see people buying vintage typewriters and proceeding to chop off their keys to make jewelry. In any case, if you’re really interested in buying it, send me an email and I’ll consider it.

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