Six-String Withdrawls







Hamer Talladega

If I were to get another guitar – which I won’t – it would be this model from the now-defunct Hamer company.

Hamer Talladega Jazz Burst

To be more specific, it would be this Talladega with a jazz burst which is currently on ebay for the unaffordable sum (to me) of $2760. Oh, well. I can dream…



You can visit Wild West Guitar’s website HERE.

Underwood typewriter - Jol Dantzig's studio

On another note (because I was sharing the Hamer Talladega), here’s an interesting shot of a “board of inspiration” at Jol Dantzig’s shop. Dantzig is a co-founder of Hamer guitars, considered by most to be the first-ever boutique/custom guitar shop. Dantzig is a master luthier, and you can try to spot this image in the following video clip.

5 thoughts on “Six-String Withdrawls

  1. One reason to like the Fender Stratocaster, the entire neck is easily swapped with a screwdriver. That’s saved me on at least one occasion when goofy drummer stepped on my guitar. Had only 2 hours to find a new neck before show started. I think a wait of weeks would have driven me starkers. 😀

    Hope you are reunited with your axe very soon!

    • From what I understand, Leo went to the bolt-on neck for cost-cutting reasons. However, I totally prefer bolt-on necks for the same reason as you mentioned (and my first guitar was a Strat, too). My Hamer Californian is a bolt-on neck as well. The irony is that the Talladega that I mentioned in my post is a set-neck, which I usually don’t like. The problem with my guitar is that, unlike a Strat, I couldn’t find a replacement neck that’s equivalent to what is currently on there. That’s another plus for going with a good ol’ Strat, i.e., replacement necks are easy to come by.

      In any case, I’m still waiting to hear from my tech. Every time the phone rings, I’m hoping it’s a call for me to go pick up my guitar. I’m just itching to plug in and get the windows rattling.

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