6 thoughts on “Apple’s iOS App Monopoly

  1. Good post. I’ve been a happy iPad user for a week now – but I only got the iPad over a less expensive Android tablet (Nexus 7 etc.) because the apps by the swiss newspaper are only available on iOS.

    • Many small developers only develop for iOS devices because it’s simpler to support, whereas attempting to do tech support for Android apps on the multitude of devices which use the Android OS can be a nightmare. When I was creating apps (I haven’t been doing so for over six months now), we didn’t have the budget to purchase every possible device which ran Android; and without familiarity with a device, we may not know how to address issues that may be hardware related. It was much easier for us to create iOS apps and only have to support two devices, i.e., iPod-Touch/iPhone and iPad.

  2. I bet people would be curious about your apps if you’re willing to tell us their names …

    I’ve never even heard of Cydia, I am ignorant about a lot of these things. I’ll just say that I have long preferred Mac interfaces to the experiences offered by PCs, but my Macs have gotten more cumbersome and less reliable over the years. As for the touch interface, it is brilliant and elegant, yet also inconvenient in some ways. (Precise operations can be difficult and slow, and typing on a touchscreen stinks — though I realize I can connect an external keyboard, or even a USB Typewriter.)

    • Well, I have a different blog to share my work. I only mentioned my involvement with apps in reference to my gripe about Apple’s proprietary behavior over iOS app distribution and sales.

      I recall when OSX was first released. I was floored at how wonderful it was. Now it seems that new OS releases tend to have issues; they either have problems due to a failure to test thoroughly, or they intentionally remove features in order to force users into a different behavior. But again, I still like their UI and hardware.

      Have you considered turning one of your typewriters into a USB unit with the iPad yet? I recall you took a poll about whether or not you should do that.

  3. I never felt I could afford Apple devices, going back to the ii, so I am not able to commiserate. The last five laptops I’ve had put together don’t come up to the cost of the macbook air i was looking at a few years ago. Same with the phones and tablets. Microsoft keeps making the mistake of competing on the Apple price point instead of android, so I can’t afford their phone, Surface, or zune, all of which I really wanted to try. Or rather, on occasions when I have the funds, it’s way to much to spend on devices that will be abused and/or lost.

    • Yeah, they really are pricey. I had to finance this recent iMac, but that’s because I got it fully loaded. The thing is, I can’t afford to be buying a new computer every couple of years. The last computer I purchased was almost six years ago, so it’s quite the dinosaur. I figured I’d better get the best computer I could get right now, seeing as I won’t be able to afford another one for another six years, at which time this new one will have become a dinosaur as well. But I use my computer professionally, so I need something fast and reliable. There’s nothing worse than waiting forever for the spinning beach ball to go away.

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