7 thoughts on “Typewriter Close-Up

  1. Very pretty shots in the credits. I hadn’t heard of this film.

    You had “effect” right the first time, but “principle” should be “principal.” (Sorry, I’m a professor!)

    • No need to apologize. I actually prefer to be corrected, otherwise I’d look silly making the same errors over and over (though, even after being corrected, I must eternally remain on guard not to repeat those errors).

      You know why I got “affect”/”effect” confused? Because I’m focusing on, in this case, the typewriter acting to bring about something in me, so I’m thinking it should have been the verb, “affect”. But now that you mention it, I was actually referring the the subsequent “effect”, so I guess it should have been the noun.

      The “principal” thing threw me because I have a habit of associating that spelling with a school principal, and not with any connotation of primacy.

      Oh, well, this is what I get for goofing off in high-school and avoiding college.

  2. Hello, I know it´s an old post but I´m interested if anyone can tell me what, make and model, typewriter it is?
    Thank you

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