Point and Click Simplicity


The Bates index on the left is the kind of thing one might find on Don Draper’s desk.




The Bates on the left is made of metal, while the older Autopoint is made (I think) of Bakelite.




Here’s a shot of the bottom of the Autopoint Index.


The opening mechanism of the Autopoint is interesting.


9 thoughts on “Point and Click Simplicity

  1. Very nice, BB! We had one in the house growing up. After my mother died last year, I don’t know what happened to it. These kind of indexes are still available from office supply chain stores here, but now they’re made of cheap plastic in China. Quality just ain’t the same. Bakelite rocks!

    • I’ve seen the rotary dial ones as well, however, all the rotary indexes I’ve come across seem to be newer and/or made in China. Not that they are any less cool looking, but I tend only to collect vintage stuff. Still, those rotary versions are pretty tempting.

  2. The Autopoint unit looks great. I haven’t come across many of those. However… I spy with my little eye – a little 100 series telephone in the background there.Very, very nice.

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