9 thoughts on “Yak, Yak, Yak

  1. Ah yes, the dreaded “to do” lists. I had one of those set up for this week, but my wife and I started painting the kid’s bedroom walls (and ceilings!) instead. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m no good with a paint roller.

      • It was pencilled in, but I kept putting it off. Still, it had to be done. It’s the preparation that bugs me. Having to empty and move bookshelves and other furniture just to get at the walls. Oh, such fun. End result is nice, though.

      • That’s funny. Every time I think about needing new carpeting or flooring, I cringe at the fact that I’ll have to move so much furniture. And even before doing that, I’ll have to empty drawers, bookshelves, and so forth… Aw, forget it. The floor looks fine…

  2. I will pretend I didn’t see this. I would prefer to fool myself into believing that you are hard at work, always doing something worth while. Now, go have some fun and stop worrying about losing too much time; you do plenty!

  3. Saran wrap. Seriously. Five or six or as many as you can folded layers, wrap it around the platen and tape it. It’s made a huge differences on my Remington #3.
    ~art from arsdecarta

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