4 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. It sounds like you have had an excellent holiday. Lovely pictures of the family & tribe!

    I was pleasantly shocked to score TWO typewriters for Christmas. The first, which arrived a week ago, is an Olympia SF in script font. I’ve always wanted one of those and a fellow Typospherian surprised me mightily with this gift!

    The second, that I received yesterday on Christmas Day, is an ancient Remington portable probably dating from the 1920s. It has that retractable type basket that raises up for use by a lever on the side.

    Like your old Underwood, this Remington portable needs a LOT of work. I’ve never replaced a drawband before! The machine is also very dirty. But I’m thrilled with this gift nonetheless.

    Best wishes for a happy & prosperous 2013!

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