14 thoughts on “The Magic Kingdom

    • Yeah, they’re a class act. Every detail of the park is thoughtfully designed and well-kept. I get inspired every time I’m there. I could literally spend all of my time examining every detail of the place without having to go on any rides (not that I don’t enjoy the rides, but there’s so much design to take in, it can keep me occupied all day).

    • Yeah, “too expensive” is right. I’m sure it’s quite a bit of overhead to keep an act like that in operation, but it can be cost-prohibitive for some. Still, if you can swing the price-tag, it’s a great place.

    • It’s funny that you should say that: I once mentioned to a business partner that I made my study look a lot like this, because I have to work in it all day and I want to be surrounded by something that inspires me in the way that Disneyland does.
      My kids certainly enjoy spending time in here and getting into my “stuff”, though I don’t let them handle things like old 78rpm shellac records or anything too fragile. I let them use the typewriters, however. They’re very respectful of them. They don’t at all treat typewriters the way I did when I was a kid (ya know, making the fist and banging down on the keys to get all the type bars stuck together… It makes me cringe just to think about it).

  1. Just reading the title of this entry gets “It’s a small world…” stuck in my head. I went for an evening a couple years back when a meeting was at the nearby conference hotel. It was tons of fun and I still have a photo of me and Mickey on my computer. I hope you and the kids had a great time!

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