The Usual Odds & Ends

blog001Heritage Houseblog002blog002b Calvary Chapelblog002cCalvary Chapel 2blog004blog004b The Frank Showblog003blog003b Lemony Snicket 1It’s interesting that this is the second film in which Jude Law narrates as he types; the other being the film, “Repo Men”. I posted still shots of that film in an earlier post, HERE.blog003c Lemony Snicket 2That’s it for now. I’m off to smoke a pipe.

2 thoughts on “The Usual Odds & Ends

  1. Fun!

    The “Prehistoric” typewriter is amusing. Ironically, some of the biggest fans of typewriters today are kids 12 and under, while most of our senior citizens are e-mailing away.

    • Yeah, I think it’s pretty cool seeing kids excited about older technology. At the Venice type-in, my wife pointed out some boys whom she noticed appeared quite knowledgeable about the machines they were discussing. My kids see all the retro stuff I have in my studio, and I think they take it for granted since it’s not a novelty to them. However, when their friends visit, they get a kick out of it. I suspect once my children grow up and enter the “normal” world, sans all of this old stuff, they’ll look fondly back on their pop’s study. Then again, who knows?

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