An Irrelevant Post

The title says “irrelevant” because I’m discussing old news that really doesn’t matter to anyone any longer. But it’s new to me, and this is my blog, so I’ll ramble on as I please.

Oh, and the fact that there’s the same train on this album cover as on my blog header is a coincidence, I promise… Still, it’s pretty cool.

I just wanted to add that, while perusing the new album on YouTube, I came across old bootlegs from what is now usually considered album “Zero”, produced by Gene Simmons of Kiss prior to the band being signed by Warner Bros. I knew this stuff existed, but I’ve never had a chance to listen to it. Much of it made it on to later albums, often reworked (and you can check out the song list to see just where many familiar songs originated). Frankly, I liked some of those earlier versions better. All in all, I feel that between the newest album and the “oldest” album, I got a double dose of fun to listen to for a while.