The Typewriter & Election Ephemera

See, I misspelled “their”. I hate when I suggest that typewriters improve one’s spelling, and then I turn around and make such errors. Oh, well, I’ve left it there to remind me that I should pay better attention.

Blog regarding 2012 election flyer featuring typewriter

I’m not sure what kind of typewriter this is. It reminds me of my Royal, but I think it’s something else. It looks like someone Photoshopped the decals off of it.

4 thoughts on “The Typewriter & Election Ephemera

  1. I would vote ‘No’, and then donate a bunch of typewriters to local schools. Hell, there are enough Underwood 5’s on your local Craig’s List (I don’t know where you live…but they are absolutely everywhere) to keep a few public schools typing away for a good while.

    I do not keep up with politics in the least and, fortunately in this case, do not have a mailing address at my house. All of my mail goes to my parents, and I plan on keeping it that way.

    I am not sure what sort of typewriter that is, but I am sure a bit of research will tell you (or, of course, the testimony of someone far more versed than the two of us!). Sure looks like either an Underwood or a Royal.

  2. That might be a Monarch.

    Your vote will teach them to put down our beloved machines! This worship of “technology” is mostly silly — any computer skills students get will be out of date by the time they enter the workforce, and pouring lots of computer technology into classrooms primarily benefits hardware and software companies. The Classroom Typewriter Project and WordPlay (recently featured on my blog) are examples of how typewriters can fuel students’ intellect and imagination.

  3. I think it’s one of those royal 10s too. I’ve passed on them a few times, even one going for $50 nearby – standards take up a ton of room and you can’t stack them.
    I love how they had to picture one with the keys uneven, looking incredibly unfriendly and even hostile and alien. A certain candidate for recycling. A bastion of stubbornness and idiocy, a bastard of America.
    The ad goes too far, the author undoubtedly even less than a keychopper, perhaps an outright technorati snob who shoves their iPhone up their asshole to get off.

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