The Typewriter & Election Ephemera

See, I misspelled “their”. I hate when I suggest that typewriters improve one’s spelling, and then I turn around and make such errors. Oh, well, I’ve left it there to remind me that I should pay better attention.

Blog regarding 2012 election flyer featuring typewriter

I’m not sure what kind of typewriter this is. It reminds me of my Royal, but I think it’s something else. It looks like someone Photoshopped the decals off of it.

Strumming Along…


These were hand-made in a suburb of Chicago, in Hamer’s cutom shop. The Standard came stock with a Rosewood fretboard and chrome hardware, so someone apparently custom ordered this with black hardware and a maple fingerboard. My buddy happened to work in a small music shop and got me a deal for about half off; I got it for $740 in 1989. It’s MSRP back then was $1540. I suspect he just sold it to me at cost. I’m going to install a large brass block on the Floyd Rose to add sustain, as well as a tremolo blocker (I don’t tend to pull up on the whammy bar, and I think blocking it will help keep it in tune, especially during string changes). 


My amp is being serviced, so I couldn’t take a shot of it for this post. I’m just borrowing this image from the web, since it’s the same model year as mine and looks exactly the same. I got this image from:

A lot of people swap out that CTN speaker for a more powerful or efficient speaker, but I really like the sound of the stock one. It breaks up around 5 or 6, and sounds really clean before that. It’s got a classic Fender sound, and at $276 for an all-hand-wired, vintage all-tube amp, that’s a steal. If/when I sell this, I’ll easily recoup my cost, and then some.


This is an old ad I found online.