7 thoughts on “Sundry Items

  1. The colors in the ad look fine so I wouldn’t put it down to “color shift” to account for a blue and grey Underwood. OTOH, sometimes the marketing department gets out in front of the production department and they advertise something that never does make it to dealers. The answer, as you surmise, will depend on whether any blue ones actually were made and then survived long enough for any of us to have seen one. It sure looks nice, though. I hope someone has one.
    ==Michael Höhne

  2. Interesting ad! No, I’ve never seen a blue one. Maybe that was some ad director’s poetic license. The original color is very distinctive — it does have a bluish tint …

    The metal of ribbon vibrators is quite thin and it can get bent. Sometimes it bends enough to create a little friction against the type guide. I have often been able to fix this by poking a long thin instrument (a dental pick) into the relevant spaces and in this way forming the vibrator back into shape. Just a little more room may do the trick.

    Another possibility is that the ribbon is sticking somewhere else, causing tension that pulls the vibrator up.

  3. Hey! I just enlarged this ad and read the fine print. They claim that the 1957 models were made in three “Sports-Car” color schemes: “Horizon Blue with Dawn Grey; Sea-Foam Green with Pine; Horizon Blue with Court Grey.” That last combo seems to be the one illustrated. But I’m not sure I remember seeing ANY of these. The most often seen combo is, I suppose, Sea-Foam Green with Dawn Grey. And there’s good old black & white (or as I suppose they’d call it, Obsidian Black and Seaspray White, or something). The mystery thickens.

  4. I like that color combination. It is a little garish, but in a 1957 Detroit kind of way. My green/grey machine is sedate in comparison.

    I love finding ads that don’t match the actual product. Years ago, I clipped one for the 1955 Thunderbird (first year). Get this: the ad has it decked out in the same swooping side chrome as the full size coupes and sedans! Dropping the chrome was a great idea.

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