6 thoughts on “The Typewriter Film I Missed

  1. That’s a pity you missed the film. I hope there’ll be some opportunity to see the film here in Switzerland.

    • Ya know, I’d love to go to a type-in, but I’ll admit right now, I’ve always hated any kind of attention; so the thought of typing in public, with people giving me funny looks, I dunno. Still, I’d like to go just to meet people and see their machines.

      One thing I hate about being into vintage anything is that there’s often no way to handle something without owning it. Unlike new thing that you can go to a store and sample or try, there’s really no where to go see and try out a lot of nice vintage typewriters. I’m certain most typospherians will be nice enough to let you tap a few letters on their machines, just to try them out. In any case, attending a type-in would be fun. i know my daughter would probably enjoy it as well.

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