10 thoughts on “My Computer, My Enemy

  1. I just picked my laptop up from the repairers because it had some deep, deep, deeply embedded trojan virus in it somewhere which prevented me from logging on to the web for the last few days. The down-side is that they removed the screenwriting software from it and I can’t reload it. They also added Picasa onto the desktop which promptly made copies of all of my photos and gave me a message (or rather, a threat) that if I delete any photos, it will also delete them from anywhere else that they are stored on the computer.
    Buster, would it be worth you getting your computer checked out so that it might run a little faster? That’s what I originally took my one in for and it was a vast improvement, speed-wise. Of course, they also added 4 Gig to the memory. Took ’em less than a minute to install, while I watched, and cost me 40 bucks.
    I’m Generation X, so I come from a demographic that had to learn computers when I was to old to learn new tricks. There is probably 95% of stuff about computers that I still need to learn.
    Oh, what fun!
    By the way, that was sarcasm.
    Good luck getting your machine up to speed. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as sitting down at the computer ready to get some work done, only to watch the minutes tick by while nothing happens on screen.

    • I really don’t think it a virus. I think it’s just old and has a lot of junk on it. I’m trying to delete apps and files right now. This is an older iMac that only allows for 2 gig of memory, which is what’s installed. I seriously just need to clean it up.

      I already replaced the hard drive myself when the old one began to tick, indicating it was about to die. It was like doing brain surgery, what with the white blanket spread out, and my sweaty, shaky hands trying not to irretrievably drop any of the teeny, tiny screws into a black hole, where it would surely make contact between parts that should have no contact, short-circuiting the entire thing.

      • Just a quick note. My Mac Mini has been very sluggish since I did a Lion upgrade. This was the third version of the operating system I had updated since I bought this machine new, and I had never done a windows like ‘re-install’ in the 4 years I have used it.


        I put a bigger hard drive into it 2 days ago, and I used ‘Carbon copy cloner’ to transfer my system across. I changed the drive, and it booted up with a couple of small quirks, but took an age to start. But when I restarted a second time, the entire system ran substantially faster than it has in over a year. All I did was change the hard drive.

        I’m not sure if the files just transferred back in a not so fragmented order, or the drive is faster (unlikely) but I think with Macs it is possible that after a few non-clean installs of the OS, it can get really jammed up, and the less space you have on your drive, the worse it is.

        incidentally, if you only have 2gb, your Mac is probably using a huge amount of hard disk space as ‘Swap space’ – virtual memory that is used to keep programs running. As your hard drive is only a fraction of the speed of your ram, this will be making things very slow.

  2. Sorry to hear of your computer woes. I switched to Windows after the Apple PowerPC transition made all of our original Mac software worthless. I still have one Vista machine and wish I had never heard of that operating system. It is beyond junk.

    Like Teeritz, I am also GenX and not at my best with computer hardware. I like machines with moving parts I can actually see and manipulate. Good luck!

  3. I’m no media worker, but I have an old IBM ThinkPad X31 from 2003-04 and it was running slower than slow. Granted, it only has 512MB RAM and a 40GB hard disk…
    But I got rid of Windows and installed Crunchbang Linux. Can’t figure out how to add new programs to it, but for writing and surfing the web, it suffices.
    And it boots in 33 seconds rather than 120 seconds. 🙂

  4. One thing that can help an older Windows machine is to offload the contents of your My Documents folder to an external drive. If the same drive within which your operating system resides gets full of stuff, it has a very bad effect upon the speed at which the OS operates.

    • Believe it or not, I’ve never used or owned anything other than an Amiga 3000 (right before Commodore closed shop in the USA), and an assortment of Apples. I’ve never touched IBM compatibles or anything with a Microsoft OS.
      Oh, wait, my sister did have an IBM compatible, back when everything was run by command, prior to GUI interfaces, but I may have only used that occasionally when I wanted to use Word Perfect.

      • Dude! Do you still have your Miggy? I’ve still got mine from 1987… One of the first A500’s in AU.

        I know how you feel. I’ve largely avoided owning windows computers – PC compatibles… I spend a lot of time on them during the day. I’ve used Linux a bit, but it doesn’t have the applications I need.

        PS. They still make Amigas. They’re power PC now and pretty rare.

      • No, I actually had to sell it not long after getting it. Keep in mind, the Amiga 3000 tower was their hottest machine when they pulled out of the US, and I think around the early 90s, a 3000 tower with monitor cost around $3000. What a money-pit that turned out to be. I wish I’d known Commodore was going to disappear a couple months after buying that machine. Also, if you recall, Amiga was the hot media computer of its day. When it disappeared, Apple quickly benefitted, as it filled the void left by Commodore’s disappearance.

        In retrospect, I wish I’d just gotten an Apple or PC. I’d have benefitted much earlier had I had a computer back then.

      • Oh, for sure. They were extremely will liked by media at the time. Which is why I hung onto mine for so long. I was still using my Amiga daily until the late 90’s. Used to work as a theatrical stage manager, and I used an Amiga 600 for Lighting and sound work. Outside of that, I used Cinema 4D to construct designs for projects at work. No PC could touch it – even by the turn of the century. So I got almost a decade and a half out of it.

        Back before the prevelence of Photoshop,illustrator and Powerpoint, DPaint and Scala were the tools for artists and Media people. I see stuff in current video editing applications that I saw happening in D-Video in the 80s.

        All totally different now. In the lat 90’s Apple just didn’t seem to look like it was going to last either, so I eventually bought myself a droll windows based 686…

        … and promptly installed UAE on it, so I could use all my old Amiga applications still. At home, I’m mostly mac now. But unfortunately they won’t let me use Macs at work, so I’m stuck on a windows box (writing from that right now).

        You had a 3000T? Geez. Those things are very rare. If I recall, C= only made about 1000 of those things. I’ve seen 2.

        Anyway, I’ll shut up before I wander too much into nostalgia town. I could go on for hours. I was quite a part of the Miggy scene, and I have thousands of hours of fond memories.

        Anyway, I ordered a new Mac yesterday. Mine was getting too long in the tooth to do what I needed.

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