6 thoughts on “For the love of typing

  1. It’s hard enough for me to justify to my parents why I want or need half a dozen typewriters. I’ve even had moments of doubt over the fact that they all have a Pica10 typeface. But, yeah, each one has a different touch, a different imprint on the paper, and even a slightly different line spacing, possibly due to relative platen sizes.

    As for the capital alignment, I understand that problem. My Remington Scout was in terrible shape when I acquired it. The limits of the “shift” movement were not the same from one end to the other. I had good alignment at one edge of the page, and wildly wrong positioning on the other. When you locate the adjustment points, keep that in mind. It may not be that the capitals are too high, but that the lower case letters are too low.

    • I’m not sure which is more difficult to convince that you need more than one typewriter: parents or a wife.

      Seriously, I have no idea where any adjustment points are on a typewriter. Is there any online manual that explains these things? If adjusting such a thing requires taking this typewriter apart, I’ll probably just live with the misalignment. I don’t have the proper tools to do such work. I’d probably end up stripping every bolt or screw with my cheap tools, and then I’d kick myself for ruining a good typewriter.

  2. I’m with you there…. I actually have quite a few typewriters – but I intend to sell some really soon. I also don’t want to hang onto something I don’t really love, or will use.

    • Yeah, I’m down to eight, and I don’t plan on getting more. I have to stop at some point, and I may even pare that down. I’m having fun with what I have, and there’s no need for me to overdo it.

  3. I have a similar experience with my collection. Often I want a certain typeface but other times what I really want is a feel to it. I have a top 5 for touch but others surprise me when I haul them out and sometimes a “good one” will disappoint, and I don’t know why. It’s not just subjective, but in the moment too.

    • Yeah, I’ve had the same experience. It’s likely the machine didn’t change, just out perception based on our given mood at the moment. But that’s the fun of having a selection of machines from which to choose. I really want to ask someone with Richard’s vast collection, how he selects a machine to use.

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