Summertime Sketch

P.S. You’ll notice that my capital letters are slightly raised. I seem to be failing to push the shift key down all the way, or else I’m striking the letters before I get the shift key depressed completely. I’m not sure which is the case, but it’s getting annoying… It’s probably annoying for you to have to read that mess as well. I’ll try to improve my typing.

10 thoughts on “Summertime Sketch

  1. Nope, it’s on every one of your capitals. As such, there is either something blocking the carriage from returning all of the way down, or it is out of adjustment. Press shift, and blow some air under your carriage. I think you’ll find that a speck of dust is the likely culprit somewhere.

    • Naw, I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with the typewriter. This happens when I type with other typewriters as well. Trust me, it’s my fault, I’m to blame, mea culpa. I’m just not shifting all the way, or not hitting the letters at the right time.

      • You know… I sat down at my Corona last night and did the exact same thing. I wouldn’t have believed I could have done it so consistently. Usually when it happens all the time, it is just some muck in my typer. I need to work out my pinky more.

        BTW.. Like you artwork.

  2. I like those machines because they remind me of a 1950s squad car. Often, there ar screw adjustments you can make to where the shift stops. Look at the typebar basket and see what you are able to adjust. I recently had to do something similar to a Hermes Ambassador. Good luck!

  3. I like the way you captured that light effect.
    Also I suspect, like the others that your shift is a little out of adjustment, but that also you are letting go of the shift key early.

  4. Happy birthday!

    Going to a drive-ins sure is a magical experience.

    I agree with Ryan, you need to adjust the vertical alignment. Every typewriter has a way to do this, but it varies from model to model, and it may be hard to find. Usually there will be a pair of screws somewhere, on the left and right, that control how high your capitals go (or you can change how low your lowercase letters go).

    • “A drive-ins”? Duh.

      (When I tried to post this immediately, the site said, “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” Seems appropriate for the typosphere!)

  5. Hi,

    This is really forward of me, but I love your drive-in themed Summertime Sketch. As a matter of fact, I’m trying to put together a simple YouTube video comprised of stills over audio. It’s nothing for monetary gain; it’s a supplementary lecture for my high school students to have as a study aid. I’m already making the audio available for them to download, but I’d like for the visual learners to have something that gets their attention as well. Anyway, the end has a music bed for credits, and I’d love to use this image with your permission. I’ll give you and your blog credit for the image, and, if possible, I’d like to lay all the credits over it at the end of each video. If you really don’t want your work used in this way, I completely understand. I just didn’t want to use anything without asking first.

    Ryan Reid

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