9 thoughts on “Paralyzed By Creativity

  1. Trent Renzor of Nine Inch Nails fame, suffered an 8 year long bout of musician’s writers block.

    In the circumstances you’re writing about, I keep a handful of unfinished projects in a relatively disorganised state, so I can throw some energy into these until I get a bit of focus. I have about a dozen half written outlines – stuffed in Scrivener files on my Mac.

    Mmmm….. Pizza.

      • That’s just a fact of life for any contractor or freelancer (:
        That’s when you do what any good detective would do and use up some shoe leather 😀

      • Art is a sucker’s road, and anyone who follows it winds up in prison, the gutter, or the grave. There’s no other way. But they never learn.

  2. I combat this by telling myself ‘No, no, no. Finish that novel. Then and only THEN can you write that short story’. It is hard to do, and I may end up doing less work because of it, but it is the only way to prove productive as far as finished products go. Point in case; I am itching to do a third draft of my first novel. However, I want to let it sit until I finish the first draft of my second. It will all happen, in due time, I just need to get the creative ‘kick in the ass’ I require. That, and another thirty pack of Pabst. 😀

    • I don’t know why these comments are linking to the never used wordpress page I made, instead of my actual blog, which I instructed it to. It did before, but I don’t know anything about wordpress or how it works. Weird…

      • There’s that old adage about paintings; something about their being “never finished — just abandoned”. I suspect that applies to writing stories and composing music as well. At some point we just decide to stop, otherwise we could revise, revise, revise until we’re dead.

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