A Pop-Culture-Fest

The convention’s Events Guide used to be an all black and white publication. In 2008, the Con directors decided it was time to go to color, and they commissioned me to create an illustration for the cover which reflected a few of that year’s themes, which happened to be editorial cartoons, Superman, and Batman (among others). Being an election year, I threw them all into a blender and came up with this cover. (At a run of over over 125000, this will likely be the largest print run my work will ever see.)

Here are some pics my friend took from the Con a coupe of years back: Pics_SDCC_2010

Coming to you from my 1921 Royal 10

9 thoughts on “A Pop-Culture-Fest

  1. ever see this?

    My niece is at school now studying graphic arts and she’s had some success with Seattle comic con. That’s cool you get a pass though – make sure you take a typewriter!

    • LOL – uh, yeah, no, I don’t think I’ll be lugging a typewriter around. As it is, carrying a bag of books is already wieldy enough when wading through the crowds — and it is seriously crowded; making your way through the crowd is like trying to swim upstream.

      I’ve never seen that cartoon, but -wow- it’s clearly a Johnny Quest clone, from the opening music, to the title design, to the make-up of the cast, to the VOX, to the backgrounds, to the entire plot. The only thing substantially different is that this is clearly meant to be a bit campy, more of a spoof of Johnny Quest. The thing is, most kids today wouldn’t get the joke, since they probably aren’t familiar with Johnny Quest. For those of us actually old enough to have watched the original, this near-lampoon version seems almost, well, irreverent to the memory of what one would have felt as a child enjoying these adventures. Hopefully that doesn’t come off as corny or geeky, because we’re only talking about an old cartoon, after all. But childhood memories are special, and there’s something, well, disturbing about having the subject of one’s fond memories lampooned. I’m not suggesting there’s anything inappropriate about the cartoon (hey, it’s preferable to Beavis & Butthead). I’m just expressing a personal, subjective, something or other going on in my own head from seeing this. Still, I’m very happy you shared it. Thanks — and thanks for visiting!

      • it was on a mid-90’s show called Freakazoid full of spoofs of every kind. I remembered cracking up at it at the time and was glad to find it again. My favorite thing about Johnny Quest was the lush musical score.

      • See, I think if I had gone into it knowing I was going to see a spoof, it wouldn’t have had the same adverse effect. In fact, I would have probably been impressed at how well they approximated the original. Again, thanks for sharing it.

  2. Oh man, you’re gonna see so many black t-shirts and digital watches, it’s not funny. Have a great time, despite the crowds, and say ‘hi’ to Spiderman for me.

    • Those people no longer wear watches. Their phones are permanently affixed to their hands, so they just consult that for the time. We’re part of the few remaining people who still wear watches.

  3. Shows how out of touch I am. The last time I paid attention to how sci-fi/comic geeks looked, they were all overweight with poorly-tended beards. And under the age of 21.
    Still, they make much more interesting conversation than some folks that I meet throughout the day.

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