6 thoughts on “Bibliophiles

  1. I absolutely love the Theaetetus — I’ve taught it often over the last 20 years and discover new facets of the reasoning and drama every time. It’s worth savoring.

    I’ve been reading David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas — a long novel, but it actually consists of several shorter stories spliced together in an odd and clever way.

  2. I absolutely enjoyed reading the collection of Plato. That really surprised me too. Generally, I read historic fiction. It is close to a religious experience, the direction of your thoughts after reading some of the dialogues. It is amazing how the tactics of Socrates would be used like a honing tool to refine thoughts and appearances; exhaustively, stubbornly, and ruthlessly he boiled everything down to something that at least resembled a truth.

    • Yes, that’s what I find interesting about it as well. Though, Socrates’ arguments only approximate truth insofar as one accepts his premises, which is why, much as I enjoy watching him reach a conclusion, I don’t always agree with his starting point. And, as you probably know, if you begin at a different starting point, you’re likely to end at an entirely different conclusion.

  3. I’m a fan of Adler. Also, living an easy walk from the main library has really helped us save money. We could never afford the number of books we go through from there.

    • Yeah, my wife and the kids make a weekly trip and can easily return with 50 books or so. Since I’m such a slow reader, I’d rather own my books and take my sweet time about getting through them. Besides, I’m one of those sick people who like to have a shelf full of books. I just like being able to reach for something on a whim. I need help.

      Are you a fan of the Great Book series? I couldn’t afford to get that, and rather than getting Adler’s (wasn’t it two volumes?) Syntopicon, which went with that series, I just opted for this single-volume book. It’s really a treasure. Besides, I would have never had an opportunity to read through that entire Great Book series. Life is too short, and I already have a stack of things I want to read, but will likely never quite complete.

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