Antique Shops

For being a filthy mess, this machines had remarkably good key action on it.

What a hunk of junk. If you looked inside, through the back, the dust-bunnies were (like real bunnies are wont to doing) reproducing beyond control. The carriage return string was broken as well. However, this was the first time I’ve ever seen an Underwood 5 in person, and it seemed smaller than I’d imagined. It also made me interested in acquiring one (in far better condition than this), though I absolutely have no room for another standard machine.

Another rusty-keyed beast. I really like the Royal 10, but this example wasn’t cared for by anyone.

This Olympia De Luxe was the only machine that appeared to be in great condition. I’m not familiar with Olympia models (beyond the SM3 & 4), so I’m not sure what this is. Anyone care to chime in?

8 thoughts on “Antique Shops

  1. I would have to venture a guess that that is an Olympia SM9. Was it carriage or segment shifted?
    Flea markets are the places to look for typewriters. You can occasionally score at antique stores, but generally speaking their prices are outrageous, no matter the condition. A shop near me had two LC Smith standards on their porch. Yes, outside, obviously in the rain for a good while. NOTHING moved in any way, shape, or form, as rust had completely overtaken them. Price? Only $55 a piece! I paid $15 for my LC Smith No 5 and, while dirty, I restored it like new in only two or so days.
    If you are close to that shop with the Olympia again soon, sit down and play with it. Those later SM’s are lovely machines, especially if you can get it cheap!
    Thanks for the post. I love typewriter sightings!

      • It all depends on what you are willing to spend. If you cannot get good typewriter deals in your area, then this is a decent price. My Olympia SM-7 set me back $80 (including shipping), but it does not type as nicely as the SM9. My SM9, purchased a few weeks ago, set me back $10, and I gave them twice the asking price of $5 because it was difficult to meet up. The SM9, in my opinion, is about one of the best typewriters I have had the privilege to use. I would check your local Craigslist, eBay, or even Etsy for a better deal before pulling the trigger, but it is a really nice typer, to be sure.

  2. Man, what a collection of beaters. The SM9 is indeed a nice machine to type on. They aren’t sexy, but they work really well with a nice snap. Tear open an Olympia and you will find a vast assortment of well machined and finished parts. As for the price, that is probably in the range of what an ebay machine might run with shipping although some go for less. It’s always better to be able to lay your hands on the machine.

    The good part about ebay is that you can still find some Olympia machines with neat typefaces. Our SM9 has the Senatorial ‘robot’ typeface. We bought an identical unit for a friend of Claire’s for a total of $50 with shipping. One of our italic machines was snared for $25. A cursive SM3 with a small ding in front went for $54 before shipping the other night. There are still deals to be had.

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