My Little Writer

I haven’t any time to typecast today. However, my ten-year-old daughter, who I’ve mentioned before, loves to read and write. Recently, she sat in my studio and wrote some poems on her typewriter (she leaves her typewriter in my studio so she can hang out with her pop and be creative). So here’s a page of little poems she hammered out rather quickly and presented to me (sans any editing; well, she didn’t know I was going to post this).

This is what my daughter does about 75% of the day.

I shot this picture of her while taking a family stroll out at a lake.

7 thoughts on “My Little Writer

  1. What wonderful photos and poems! Your daughter is obviously well read, and she must have been dipping into Shakespeare or Victorian poetry. What I particularly like about her poems is the way they come around in the last line to revisit the opening. Very impressive, particularly for poems just “hammered out” by a ten-year-old.

    My daughter is two years older and says, “I WILL be an author.” (An 18-year-old friend of hers is a good role model, having already written and self-published five novels.) She writes fiction and a little poetry. In the past she has handwritten and typed her work (’50s Smith-Corona), but recently she’s been word-processing it. She can then easily copy the chapter onto an online bulletin board where her friends can comment on it.

    • Thanks for the kind words. Your daughter is fortunate to have a role model who also writes. My daughter doesn’t really have a close friend who shares the same degree of interest in writing. Because I’m an artist, she tends to look to me as a creative role model. But I can’t write creatively as well as she, and I’m sure she’ll soon grow bored of all the little stories I used to make up for her at bedtime.

      It’s funny that your daughter went from handwriting and typing to word-processing. I think my girl went from handwriting and word-processing to typing. Then again, she pretty much writes in whatever media is available at any moment. She only gets so much time on the computer, so that may contribute to her handwriting and typing so often.

      In what kind of forum does your daughter participate? If there’s a forum of other kids who share her interest in writing, that might be something in which my daughter might like to be involved. I’ll have to look into that.

      • The forum was set up for her Language Arts class, so it is limited to her school. I would bet there are some online places for budding young writers, though — it might bear looking into.

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