More Noir

In the film, the Blue Dahlia is a nightclub. It’s neon sign serves as the film’s opening title.

That’s the VHS box cover on the left, which you can buy online (assuming you still have a VHS player with which to view it). On the right is a foreign format dvd, so it won’t work with American dvd players.

I really liked this film, despite the fact that the mystery of the killer’s identity is revealed rather unbelievably. I won’t give anything more away. Watch it if you get an opportunity.

Typed on a 1936 Underwood Noiseless 77 (which miraculously didn’t skip once while typing this post).

11 thoughts on “More Noir

  1. Never seen this one, but I know the background surrounding Chandler’s writing of the script. The studio even had a nurse on stand-by in case he passed out.
    Nice write-up!

    • I liked this film better than The Glass Key, in the same way that I like Chandler’s writing style better than Hammett’s. Chandler’s stories can sometimes seem confusing, but I’m more moved by the mood he paints rather than the plots. There’s something to be said for using words well.

      • Yeah, Chandler could really paint a picture with his descriptions. Hammett was more bone-dry in his writing style, and I have read that Hemingway was influenced by Hammett.

      • Ya know, I like reading Hammett, but I don’t like Hemingway at all. Perhaps I just never liked Hemingway’s subject matter. I don’t know what it was, but I could never get into his writing. I wonder if I’d have liked his writing if he wrote detective fiction.

  2. “We gotta wait for Johnny.”
    “What do I look like, a camel?”
    Yeah, a few too many red herrings, and a lotta guys get killed off for no particular reason (I mean really, there’s a struggle for a gun and you’re gonna stand there in-line with the muzzle instead of ducking for cover?), but not a terrible ending. Points for Hammett writing in what is probably the most laid-back and patient police detective ever, but a point off for the cop letting someone shoot-light a match in a packed nightclub with a .45 – luckily 230 grains of lead moving at 900fps just vanishes after lighting a match in the movies instead of drawing a straight line of death for the next 50 yards or so until it hits something solid enough to stop it. 😀

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