11 thoughts on “Olympia SM4 Show-And-Tell

  1. Hey, that’s what we do in the typosphere on a regular basis, “Look, I’ve got a new typewriter!” You’ll get used to it. ( :

    Awesome cursive typeface. Handsome SM4… and I completely disagree with you, handsome case! TBatman would carry that around in Gotham City!

  2. I’ll echo Ton: Show and Tell is what the typosphere is all about — and c’mon, that case is Awesome!

    The reason this typewriter can’t type in red is that some of the big cursive capitals, like that swoopy C, are too tall — they need more than half the width of a ribbon. So the ribbon needs to be all one color.

    • Okay, that makes perfect sense. Besides, I usually only install a black & red ribbon because it looks cool, not because I spend much time typing in red. I can be impractical, preferring style over function like that.

  3. That Olympia script is different from my SM9. It resembles more the Olivetti and Hermes with that huge C. I’ve long thought the SM3&4 bodies were among the handsomest in typewriters, and the sound of them is amazing – just what a typewriter should sound like! Nice score – enjoy it!

  4. I agree with your observation on using different machines to fit the mood. I have a pretty good collection of exotic typefaces, but my favorite typing machine is just plain. I like the snap of the German machines (Olympia and Torpedo). The style of the Underwood Quiet Tab Deluxe is coupled with a unique typeface and it is a totally different experience.

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