8 thoughts on “Hard-Boiled Typewriter

  1. I never heard of this film — and it’s directed by Wim Wenders?

    The hardboiled/noir esthetic just DEMANDS typewriters. That’s part of how I first got fascinated with typewriters (age 12/13) — I loved all things ’30s, including Bogey, sleek black cars, sleek black phones, and sleek black typewriters. I still do.

    • Just watch it. And if you think it stinks, just watch the typing scene over and over… Hey, I’m excited that someone else is discovering it for the first time as well.

  2. I thought “Hammett” was a great movie. And to think that it was all filmed on sets that were specially built for the film. It didn’t do well at the box-office and almost brought about the financial ruin of Coppola’s Zoetrope Studios. Forrest was perfect as Hammett and it had a great score.
    I gotta hunt it up on dvd. Have to wonder what kind of film it would have been if De Palma or Coppola had directed it instead.
    As for “The Two Jakes”, forget it, it ain’t Chinatown. And I had really high hopes for that film, since it spent over ten years in developement.
    Ahh, what could have been…

    • Yes, The Two Jakes doesn’t live up to the stature of Chinatown, but I still found it entertaining, mostly because it was Nicholson, and he can make most any movie entertaining…plus, I like period films. It’s too bad they never made a third of what was supposed to be a trio of films with the Jake Gittes character.

      • ahh, checked out. not too bad – shares a lot of plot points with his stories, which I expect was intentional (he wrote from real life, and all that).

        For some reason I can’t take Peter Boyle seriously as the Continental Op. 😀

      • Yes, I would have liked to see a different actor in that role as well. It was a nice gesture that they cast Elisha Cook Jr as the taxi driver (Cook, as you will recall, played Wilmer, Gutman’s gunsel in The Maltese Falcon of 1941).

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