6 thoughts on “REASON TO USE A TYPEWRITER #2

  1. Of course, scrawled handwriting will be considerably more likely to escape the clutches of OCR … Google is trying to OCR every image they get, I’m pretty sure. Have you noticed the recent captcha system on their blogs — you have to identify their made-up string of characters plus a photo of a number on some building? I don’t like it, I don’t trust them to “do no evil,” so I input erroneous gibberish for the photo and it still works.

    • Ha, Ha! Yeah, I input gibberish as well; However, I don’t have to do so intentionally. It’s just that I can never make out the warped letters and blurry numbers, so I’m sure I must be inputting the info incorrectly.

      The thing about OCR is, I was just joking when I first thought about applying that technology to online image files, and then I got to wondering whether Google or anyone else actually does that.

      Maybe you’re correct about needing to use scrawled handwriting. However, trying to read my poorly typed and scanned pages is bad enough. Can you imagine if everyone started pen-casting? It isn’t just OCR which would have a difficult time deciphering all of that mess.

    • Gibberish here as well! I don’t think that Google needs to know everything – because I have my blog on Blogspot – owned by Google – I use a separate browser for blogging and surfing the Typosphere.
      And OCR works very well, for some typecasts I belive to be good for search engines, I perform OCR and upload the text in a tiny, white font at the end of the post. With the huge computing capacity Google has, it probably isn’t a big problem for them to OCR everything – or at least won’t be one anymore in a few months, I’m afraid.

  2. You can also use marbled paper to type on and add another layer of obscurity for potential OCR-ing overlords to hassle with.

    PS> Welcome to the Typosphere – love your site header! (:

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