8 thoughts on “Good Eats

  1. Welcome to the Typosphere, glad you’ve connected with us. Your blog looks neat and cool, I like it a lot.

    And do continue to slip-in posts like this, some variety is refreshing. I do that periodically myself. I like cooking paella myself; yours looks good.


      • Wow, you’re braver than I am. I only decided to learn within the past year. Although I’ve watched my pop make it my entire life (he’s from Valencia, Spain). I think I felt like I could never live up to his. But he’s getting along in years, and I figured it’s time I learn to make it while he could still teach me. It was actually pretty easy to pick up.
        Do you make it on a paella burner, or do you make it on top of a B-B-Q? Some people make it indoors on a stove I think, but you need a small pan for that (or a really large stove). I make mine outside and bring it in when it’s done (which is why you see it sitting on that stove. But it wasn’t cooked there). My dad has also made it over a wood fire built on the ground, but he hasn’t done it that way in a while. Usually he just uses the burners he builds for them himself. It’s good stuff!

      • The cookbook’s a rough guide but I improv a lot. I’m quite intuitive so I’m glad my attempts have been successful. This is funny, since I use a rather wide pan, I cook with two burners on a stove with constant rotation. It almost always kills me but hey, anything for successful paella.( : I should really get those pans with a built-in burner.

      • I didn’t even know they made pans with a built in burner. My dad made my burner for me. He makes them and sells them once in a while. He also gave me a couple of pans (he and my mom had a Spanish restaurant for most of my childhood, so he had a lot of pans). The pan you see pictured is warped a bit, so I need to keep rotating it to make sure the water stays even. But it works for my needs. It feeds about 16 people. I don’t really want a larger pan. The paellas seem to lose flavor as they get larger. I think it’s because all the flavors are condensed when using smaller pans.

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