2 thoughts on “CORONA FOUR – Second Verse, Same As The First

  1. Lovely typewriter! I’ve got a Corona 3 that was made a year or two earlier than your Corona 4. It, too, has the ribbon color selector near the left ribbon spool.

    We sometimes struggle with making old technology work well, which is no surprise considering that typewriters usually range from 40 to 100+ years old. It’s amazing that they work as well as they do.

    But consider this: how many times have we struggled to make “new” technology work correctly? We’ve all experienced computer crashes, software malfunctions, internet connection problems. I’ll take the challenges of operating a typewriter ANY day!

  2. You’re right, Cameron. I’ve often given thought to the irony of new technology, which is as fragile as it is superior. Consider how little information one can fit on a stone tablet. And then consider how much information can fit on an iPod. And yet, which will last longer? It takes very little to destroy the iPod and the information it contains, and yet something inscribed on a clay jar may be found thousands of years later and its information still accessible to us.

    Regarding the Corona 3, have you had an opportunity to compare it to the Four? I’ve considered getting a 3, but I don’t know how I’d like it. I assume it types about the same as the Four, except that one needs to get used to the three bank system. But it’s a pretty little machine, and the folding design is super cool!

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