5 thoughts on “PRESERVING THE PAST

  1. There is a depth and richness that comes from living with at least a few things that were made before we were born and will probably survive our death. (I recently visited a fellow collector who lives in a country house north of Barcelona that was built before Columbus discovered America. Puts things in perspective!)

    • Europe has the fortunate advantage of being old enough to have such a rich history. My father is from Spain, and we lived there for a year, in the late 60’s, when I was a wee lad… Hmm, that reminds me – I’m cooking a paella this Sunday!

  2. I know this is an old post, so forgive me for digging it up, but the horror of key-chopping is a new discovery to me, and therefor fresh in my mind. I sent a nasty letter to an ebayer last night, who was selling some brutally chopped keys, and he actually responded. Apparently he was not aware of the term “key chopper” and claimed that the machine he eviscerated was headed for the scrap yard anyway, so he felt it was fine to basically “salvage” some part of it, for some artistic soul to create something beautiful. (I’m paraphrasing) Is it possible that some of these folks are actually that misguided? Or is this guy just blowing smoke up my platen?

    Anyway, the idea of leaving notes at the stores that sell such disgusting jewelry seems a good one. (probably better than yelling at strangers on Ebay) But perhaps an even better idea might be to gather the troops from various typewriter communities, draft petitions, to be signed by all, and deliver them to the management of any business that traffics in this nefarious trade. Maybe include photographs of the member’s machines, just to put a face to the potential victims of this tragedy.

    • Like I stated in my post, while I hate to see a part of history destroyed, I also want to keep some perspective. I don’t really view, for example, typewriter-key jewelry as “disgusting”. Actually, I think it looks pretty cool. My only opposition is the thought that a useful machine was destroyed in the process of making such jewelry. I think the best solution would be for someone to manufacture vintage style keys for use in such crafts, which, if the market is viable, would make everyone happy. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has already done that.

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