The Corona Four, object of my impetuousness, arrived this afternoon. This is a terrible photo, but I just thought I’d share. I’ll post better pictures after the filthy thing is cleaned (though the dirt isn’t obvious from the blurry photo).

I’m still surprised at the terrible condition in which these things are shipped. I don’t expect a restoration job, but most people don’t even bother to wipe the things down. The cases always seem to arrive full of dirt, dust and lint. The typewriters are more often than not covered with grime, ribbon tangled.

Another funny thing is how some of these things are packed. One typewriter I purchased was shipped with a cornucopia of packing materials protecting the case, including pieces of broken foam, popcorn, wadded newspaper, and an old t-shirt. This Corona came with its case completely wrapped in a blanket, of all things. I guess the seller didn’t feel like making the trip to obtain popcorn, and apparently old newsprint was also not readily at hand. I can’t really complain, because the blanket was a nice, thick, fluffy number, and it certainly did the job protecting the case. Plus, after a good washing, we now have a blanket to use outdoors — well, you don’t think I’m going to sleep with it, do you?

7 thoughts on “CORONA FOUR – THE ARRIVAL

  1. I got my Corona 4 from a retired military man who then went on to become an engineer. So it is in remarkably good condition. I love typing on it, though I have to remember not to hit the keys as hard as I typically do.

      • Not so much the platen, which is pretty hard. It just seems like a less hardy machine than some of the others I have. Maybe because it is so small. I am just as careful with the SkyRiter I just found and the small Brother Bradford. (I learned to typed on a Royal Empress, where applying force was the norm!)

  2. I too am a caretaker of a Corona 4. I had mine worked on by a local shop, and they had the old platter sent off for recovering. It’s the nicest looking of my small collection, I really enjoy taking it out and showing it off on special occasions.

    I just discovered your blog when you replied to one of my posts. Good work here, I’ll have to spend some time to catch up on your past postings.

    I’d recommend that you email both Strikethru and the Typosphere dot net site and request that you have your blog listed on their blog roll, that way more folks can track your postings.

    -Joe VanCleave

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