2 thoughts on “UNDERWOOD NOISELESS 77 – My First

  1. Out of all the issues I’ve read about in the Typosphere, skipping seems to be the most elusive. It can result from a number of things, and it’s one of the repair-person’s least-favorite problems to solve.

    Several of my machines skip: Royal “O” portable, Gossen Tippa, and most recently, a beat-up Remington Quiet-Riter Eleven. As the latter has just developed this problem, perhaps I can solve the mystery — but perhaps not.

    My Royal “O” skips less if I type more deliberately and evenly. When one considers that these machines are often 50+ years old, it’s amazing that they work as well as they do!

    • I’ve had quite a few Royal “O” portables pass through my hands, and I’ve never had a single one skip. Truth be told, that model has, of the dozen or so pre-1940s typewriters I’ve typed on, had the nicest action.

      Does your Quiet-Riter have the same mechanism as the Noiseless, or does it use the same mechanism as, say, the NO. 5 (Streamline)?

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