Remington Streamliner

Remington Streamliner

Typed on a Remington 5, which, when being used, sounds as if someone is kicking a metal trashcan filled with tin cans, wire, and a bell from a tricycle.

2 thoughts on “Remington Streamliner

  1. By looks alone, this is my favorite typewriter. If I were to only keep one from my collection, I easily choose this without hesitation. It’s sleek and strong and old and new and heavy and light all at the same time. If Batman used a typewriter, it would be this.

    • Yeah, I think the only reason I prefer the 5 is because of the metal-rimmed keys. Also, the 5 presents the only time I prefer the short carriage return lever. Otherwise I would have preferred the longer lever of the Streamliner.

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